John Tousaint: the Best Celebrant in Australia

May 16, 2018 by

Meet the most sought after celebrant in Australia-John Tousaint.He is a licensed marriage celebrant who also worked as a relationship counsellor and a consultant of government in different areas like business, government other industries. He truly understands the sentiments of different individuals and that earns him bonus point.

With over 25 years of experience, he makes the most significant day of one’s life nothing less than what they have imagined. Let him know your requirements and in return he will come up with a bunch of idea to make your dream a reality.

Here are some events where he performs as a celebrant.

The Wedding Day

Marriage is a sacred institution. It is the day when two souls meet for eternity. Hence it is ought to be the most special day in one’s life. To let it pass by smooth, a proper pre planning is must. Nothing compares to the moment when you and your love finally get a glance of each other on the isle. It is scary, yet fun and emotional at the same time. Especially, when the vows are taken. John Tousaint will ensure the magic of the moment is propagated to all family members and loved ones who are there as spectators. Plan your customised wedding by choosing from many options from the portfolio of well structured vows.

Renewal of Vows

Sometimes a wedding ceremony is not enough. So years after one can have a renewal of vows to express how much you love them. On this occasion, you would want to reminisce some snippets of your life journey together and share it with your close friends and family. Although it is not as elaborate as the actual wedding, it still requires a lot of planning to make it memorable. John will help bring the freshness of your actual marriage in the renewal of vows ceremony.

Commitment ceremony

There’s something for all kinds of couples. Even the ones who do not get the support by law are supported by tradition. In Australia, same sex marriage is not yet legalised. Hence for same sex couples, Commitment ceremony can be the apt option. Though there won’t be any marriage license granted but you can confirm to the world that you and your partner are indeed a couple and promise each other a life time of togetherness. John will help you have your Commitment ceremony just as elaborate as an actual wedding and design the structure of vows accordingly.

Baby Naming Days

Baby naming day is to celebrate the birth of new born child. It is a non religious occasion that involves giving a name to the child, deciding on godparents and giving blessings and well wishes to the new member of the family. Although being a modern day concept, rituals can be incorporated in them to make it more auspicious. John Tousaint has a long experience in baby naming ceremonies. Take his guidance to have a successful and joyous baby naming day with your family.

If you live anywhere around Australia and need some assistance for your important occasion, get in touch marriage celebrant Mr. John Tousaint.