10 Must-Have Pieces of Makeup Artist Jewelry for Wedding Day

10 Must-Have Pieces of Makeup Artist Jewelry for Wedding Day Uncategorized

Makeup artists are always on the lookout for that perfect piece of jewelry to complete a bride’s look. Here’s our top list of jewelry items every makeup artist should have in their kit, specifically for bridal makeup applications.

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1) Elegant Earrings

Earrings make such a statement with any bridal look. From chandelier style earrings to delicate studs, there is something here to suit every bride. Choose styles that will stand out and speak to the look that you are creating with your makeup application.

2) Classic Bracelets

Get some versatile classic bracelets in silver or gold tones to add sparkle and focus attention on the face. Dainty chains and bangles can be mixed and matched for the perfect finish.

3) Luxurious Necklaces

A stylish necklace can completely change a bride’s look from classic elegance to haute couture glamour. Consider pieces with interesting stone placements or unique designs for a truly special finish.

4) Pearl Pieces

Pearls are timeless, elegant, and suitable for bridal looks of all genres – whether it be vintage chic, modern minimalism or cutting edge contemporary designs. Simple real freshwater pearls or simulated pearls sets create an original touch with tasteful detail.

5) Statement Rings

If you want your clients to stand out from the crowd then consider oversized rings with striking gems or colored stones as they really draw attention away from the eyes and delicately accentuate defined lips!

6) Cascading Hairpieces

Hairpieces can help create dimension by layering hair around structured up-dos without having them appear too bulky…you should select something that holds its shape but still has movement (such as teardrop crystals). This kind of hair decoration is perfect for long luxurious waves or romantic half-up dos..

7) Blingy Headbands

Perfectly suited for festival inspired boho chic looks, head bands come encrusted in glittering stones and offer a subtle but realistic appeal when worn during nuptials ceremonies….the gentle glimmer brings an extra layer of texture where needed – making brides look more breathtaking than ever before!

8) Sparkly Jeweled Clips

Are there strays hairs escaping your up-do? Reach into your bag of tricks and pull out a few sparkly jeweled clips –they may sparkle like diamonds but clips stay firmly placed,…securing those wild locks in place!

9) Crystal Tiaras

Who said tiaras are only reserved for princesses? Elaborate pieces especially made from scores of Swarovski crystal elements offer huge amounts of luminosity in photos so go wild picking gorgeous headwear options –tiaras have been used in wedding motifs forever so why not keep traditions alive when styling updos?

10) Dazzling Hair Combs

For highly styled puffy bun-dos sinuous curls …traditional antique jewels work well …where glam is more important than intricate loops of crystals… bright rhinestone combs wear well when pushed through tight curls hairdos set my dramatic bows !

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