5 Easy Steps To Perfect DIY Wedding Day Makeup

5 Easy Steps To Perfect DIY Wedding Day Makeup Uncategorized

Are you planning a special DIY wedding day but don’t know where to start when it comes to applying makeup? Finding the perfect look is easier than you think with five easy steps. Here’s what you need to know:

Prep Your Skin

While your complexion might already be one of your best assets, getting that glowing and flawless look for your big day requires having a well-prepped base first. Cleanse, tone, moisturize, exfoliate – the usual morning skin regimen we do every other day should be done on our special wedding day too! Applying primers and sunscreens can also help lock in hydration and make sure your makeup won’t hardly budge from the time you get ready until the time you take pictures after the ceremony.

Choose Simple Eyeshadow Colors

If you want to achieve a timeless look without any stress, keeping eyeshadow colors simple is key. Neutral shades are best – use creamy caramels and light browns to help illuminate your already beautiful eye color and draw attention to them in all the right ways. Start out conservatively as it’s always easier to build up intensity if needed rather than having to frantically undo mistakes while scurrying around before your ceremony begins.

Use A Creamy Foundation

Using cream-based foundations or BB creams during warm weather functions is not only wise but also essential when it comes down to keeping foundation in place all day long and look smooth on cameras as they capture immortalizing photos of this once in a lifetime event! Furthermore, using products that have high SPFs will double as sunscreen (but try not to rely too heavily on this specific product for sun protection) allowing our faces protected amid participating in outside festivities throughout the entire course of your special wedding day!

Play Up Your Lips & Cheeks

Don’t forget about playing up both lips and cheeks for a polished yet natural look overall! A beige lip pencil plus soft peach blush completes a setting that looks effortless yet intentional at the same time and truly fashions your own original canvas into an unsung masterpiece reminiscent of royal artistry – because after all this is YOUR WEDDING DAY!

Last But Not Least; Set In Place With Setting Spray To Really Make It Last!

And lastly, no matter what kind of fast-paced prepping may occur minutes before the start of an impending ceremony; Finishing off with setting spray will help ensure that everything stays put even under hours of saturation. This step will undoubtedly provide ultimate peace of mind especially when experiencing maximum jitteriness right before saying ‘I do!’

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