How Much Does it Cost to Get Eyelash Extensions In Miami?

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Are you considering getting eyelash extensions in Miami? You may be wondering how much it will cost to get eyelash extensions. In Miami, the cost of getting your eyelash extension can vary depending on the type of lashes and their desired length. There are several factors that can affect how much you’ll ultimately pay for your eyelash extensions, including the type of work required to apply them, so it’s important to do your research before settling on a particular service provider.

Research Lash Extension Prices

When researching lash extension prices in Miami, it’s essential to compare different service providers to ensure you’re getting good value for your money. Different salons offer different levels of services with varying price points, so make sure you read up on each salon’s reviews online before selecting one.

Eyelash extension price in Miami 2023

HIT Lashes extensions price

Classic Set (2 hrs)$100-$140
Light Volume (2 hrs 30 mins – 2 hrs)$120-$160
Medium Volume (3 hrs – 2 hrs 30 mins)$150-$180
Russian Volume (3 hrs)$200
Lash Lift (1hrs)$90

HIT Lashes refill price

Classic set 3 weeks (1 hr 30 mins)$80-$100
Light Volume 3 weeks (2 hrs 30 mins – 1 hr 30 mins)$100-$120
Medium Volume 3 weeks (2 hrs 30 mins – 2 hrs)$130-$140
Russian Volume 3 weeks (2 hrs)$150
Lash Removal (30 mins)$20

Look at Different Types of Lash Extensions

The key to understanding what you’ll pay for lash extensions is knowing all of the available options. Mink or faux-mink lashes are typically more expensive than synthetic or natural lashes as they provide a more luxurious look and feel due to their lightweight design. If you’re looking for something less permanent and less expensive, strip lashes or cluster lashes might be a good option since they can be applied quickly and easily with minimal effort.

Choose the Right Length

The length of your lash extensions will also affect the price you pay when getting eyelashes done in Miami. Longer lengths tend to require more materials and take longer to apply since they need to be attached individually rather than in clusters like shorter lengths require. Also, some salons charge extra for colored or themed lashes such as sparkly silver or vibrant purple designs – so beware of any hidden costs when booking an appointment!

Understand Your Salon’s Policies

In addition to researching prices, it’s important that you understand each salon’s policies regarding lash extensions as well. Ask about touch ups and refills before selecting a salon – many salons offer discounts on repeat visits if you keep up with regular maintenance appointments. Furthermore, ask about payment options; many salons accept credit cards for payment although some may only take cash or personal checks. Once all these factors have been taken into consideration, then you can determine what range of costs makes sense for your budget when getting eyelash extensions done in Miami!

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